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    Flue Gas Purification


    Waste Gas and Flue Gas Purification Technology                                                                            

    Lead: Recycling of pollutants back into raw materials instead of displacing them in sewage systems or disposal sites


    Steuler Anlagenbau develops, plans and installs future-orientated processes and plants for exhaust

    and flue gas purification.  We see  our task in a cost-effective recycling  of pollutants back  into raw

    materials or converting them into naturally occurring substances – and not simply displacing them in sewage systems or waste disposal sites.


    We have plants and processes applicable in the following processing stages
    - electrostatic precipitation (dry or wet)
    - catalytic and thermal reduction/oxidation
    - chemical wet and drying absorption
    - adsorption and desorption
    - heat recovery
    - residue recycling


    The systems and services we offer include all processes and plants necessary for the treatment and recycling of exhaust and flue gases from
    - gas, diesel, landfill, pyrolysis and biogas-fired engines and turbines
    - coal, heavy oil, sinter, coke oven, pyrolysis and biogas-fired power plants, boilers and furnaces
    - municipal and hazardous waste incineration plants
    - chemical and petrochemical processes
    - calcination and sintering plants in the ore and metal processing, cement and expanded clay manu-

      facturing industries
    - smelting and reduction furnaces in the steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metal and glass industries


    They are suitable for the removal of:  

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