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    Steel Cord

    With our multi-wire lines steelocord-wires can be produced at top speeds (over 400 m/min). The bronze plating is applied chemically and the coating thickness is adjustable.


    Mostly all rubber compounds used by the tire-, hose- and belt-producers have to be reinforced,  for this purpose round, flat and shaped bronze (Cu-Sn) plated wire is needed.The wire is electrolytically coated

    in two consecutive steps: 

    At first the wire is plated with Cu, afterwards with Zn. Finally the wire passes the thermal diffusion. By

    the thermal diffusion the wire is exposed to high temperatures and as a result the Cu- and Zn-layer join.

    A brass layer is created on the wire. The quality of the brass layer is very important for the production of

    steelcord: On the one hand the brass coating acts as a lubricant during the final wet drawing; on the other hand the brass acts as an adhesive, bonding the steel reinforced network to the surrounding rubber matrix.

    In the industry our steelcord plating plants have proven and stand for a high operational reliability at low personnel, energy and maintenance costs.


    The production flow in details:

    1. The steel wire first passes a cleaning bath, where all the impurities such as grease and others are removed from the wire
    2. The wire is led through the patenting furnace, where it is annealed
    3. The wire is cooled in e.g. a lead bath
    4. As a result the acid from the mordant that generally consists of the base acid of the copper bath attacks the surface of the wire, which becomes

        rougher and thereby more receptive for the  plating
    5. To protect the finishing baths from getting contaminated by mordant residues the wire passes a cascade rinse
    6. After the rinsing the wire gets copper-plated in a copper pyrophosphate bath and rinsed again
    7. The wire is plated with zinc and also rinsed
    8. Finally the two layers are combined by the thermal diffusion (fluidized bath)
    9. A brass layer is created
    10. After the final rinsing the process is completed

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