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    We offer high speed single- and multi- wire zinc-plating lines. The maximum wire diameter is ca. 5.5 mm and the speed is about 15 m/s. 

    The coating thickness can be controlled and adjusted by altering the current density and the treatment time.

    Our multi-wire zinc-plating lines are able to run at a speed of maximum DV160 and the single-wire plants can reach speeds of up to 15 m/s,

    while the diameters are limited up to 5.5 mm.    Since it’s possible to put even 9000 A in one bath high current densities can be reached.

    Thereby a homogenous and – if required – very thick coating layer can be achieved in a relatively short treatment time. The water-cooled

    shafts are resistant against the high current densities as well as the arising temperature.


    The complete process is controlled via a SPS- program.





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