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    Wire Phosphating


    The phosphate coating of steel wire is very important for the drawing process and the further proce-

    ssing of the wire. We supply single and multi-wire plants based on an innovative phosphating proce-



    In this innovative process of phosphating the wire is plated electrolytically with Calcium-Phosphate.

    It saves energy and operating costs, provides an easy handling and has many advantages compared

    to the previous, classic method of zinc phosphating in immersions.


    Our phosphating-process is characterized by the following points:


    — It's free of heavy-metals

    — The discharge is sludge-free

    — It runs at room temperature, that means the plant is ready for operation in minutes, because there

        are no pre-heating phases

    — The coating thickness can be set precisely by adjusting the current

    — Top performance

    — In order to control each single wire individually the multi-wire plant consists of two separate treat-

        ment baths with the appropriate pumps

    — Bonding occurs through the use of insoluble anodes in liquid


    The main benefits are:


    — In one-and-the-same plant a variety of flow-rates are possible

    — For each individual wire the coating thickness can be set precisely

    — Each chamber has its own pump to prevent any pickling effect during downtimes

    — No sparking

    — No loss of current as there are separate circuits for each wire

    — The plant is easy to use

    — Reduced energy and operating costs



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