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    Tunnel Pickling Line

    Our tunnel pickling lines can be used for treatment of  wire rods,  tubes,  plates,  bars,  profiles and construction parts with medium and high throughputs. 

    Our picking lines utilize the bath batch process within a closed tunnel,  thus the escape  of corrosive

    fumes is prevented and the operators are protected.

    Through the cascade bath system, the necessary treatment medium  and time can be optimized  for

    each type of material grades and types to achieve high quality surfaces with less chemical and fresh

    water consumption.


    A crane system transports the material automatically and PLC- controlled through the different treat-

    ment bathes according to the necessary treatment steps.


    The main benefits are:
    — Low manpower requirements and protection of the operators against the treatment solutions
    — Optimized chemical consumption
    — High availability and high surface quality
    — Low fresh water consumption, low fumes flow rate
    — Automatic system with practically unlimited treatment programs
    — Easy modification for higher capacities or other materials is possible






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