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    Autoclave Pickling Line

    All material grades and types made from steel can be treated by this plant in small throughputs. 


    The treatment is carried out in a tank that is entirely closed, the autoclave. The pickling material

    is deposited into the autoclave and tightly closed by a cover. As required for the surface quality

    the treatment solutions are pumped from the different storage tanks into the autoclave and re-

    turned back after the treatment program-controlled. The materials can be dipped into the treat-

    ment solution or sprayed by nozzles.


    The main benefits are:

    — Low space requirement
    — Easy handling
    — Reduced waste water quantity by cascade rinsing
    — Low costs because of several process stages
    — Cycle times,  bath sequences and treatment mediums are variable
    — Low waste air quantity through enclosed system






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