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    Glass Etching Line

    The glass/quartz preform rod etching is one kind of primary process used in the optical fiber production. During the drawing process of the quartz preform rod, the forming fiber might break due to insufficient strength. The main reason of the breakage is the flaws existing  in the surface of  preform rod.  These

    flaws can be efficiently removed through glass etching of the preform rod.


    Our glass etching line mainly consists of acid pickling tanks,acid preparation & storage system,filtration

    & circulation system, drainage system as well as the equipped waste water and waste gas treatment.


    The entire line including the process and the relevant equipment will be designed according to the pre-

    sent technical state of art & mind of environmental protection in the field of fiber production worldwide.

    The assembly and commissioning process will be guided by corresponding German experts. We provide periodic equipment maintenance and long-term spare parts for the stable operation.




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